The Names of God Part 2

By Pastor
Emelio Sebastian


Jehovah Jireh 

In Genesis 22, we find that Abraham was the first one to experience Jehovah Jireh. Jehovah Jireh comes on the scene to meet our needs. In fact the name means…God sees our needs ahead and makes provision for them! I like to say it this way, “The One who sees our needs in advance and has already made provision…we just have to believe the provision is there for us and then receive that provision by faith.”

Genesis 22 is the story of Abraham and his son Isaac after God asked Abraham to offer Isaac, his long awaited son conceived by faith, as a sacrifice. In obedience to God; Abraham took his son and ascended the mountain to offer his son to God as God had instructed. Remember, following the instructions of God leads us to our next miracle!  Even as Abraham was climbing the mountain he was still speaking faith, “Wait here” he said to his servants, “the lad and I will go worship and return to you again.” What a powerful declaration of faith and trust in God! As Isaac is tied to the altar he asks his dad about the sacrifice. Abraham’s response, “My son God will provide…” Wow! You know the rest of the story. As Abraham was about to offer his son as a sacrifice the angel of the Lord stopped him and when Abraham looked up there was a ram caught in the thicket that became the offered sacrifice.

Then the scripture says Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah Jireh which means, “the Lord will provide”! Yes, He will provide for us too!  Friends, just as God provided for Abraham He will provide for us! Maybe things have gotten a little tight because of the current challenge. Maybe you have lost your paycheck or your retirement savings has declined…be like Abraham and say out loud, “The Lord will provide.” He is our source!  He knows what we need today, tomorrow, next week, next year and always. He has already made provision for us. Also read Matthew 6:30-33. Our today’s, tomorrow’s and our futures couldn’t be in better hands.

Jehovah Nissi

In Exodus 17:8-15, we learn about Jehovah Nissi!  Nissi as we were taught in Sunday school means banner, a flag, a pole, a signal or a standard…as in standard bearer. It also means to lift up as an ensign.

In reality it means -Victory in Defeated Places! This name Jehovah Nissi is the true banner under which we obtain victory in our lives. This is an important aspect of Jehovah that we need to become very familiar with. God is revealing to us in this name an aspect of Himself that enables us to walk in victory, even if we feel defeated by our circumstances or situation.

If you remember the story when Moses’ hands were raised, the battle went Israel’s way. When Moses’ hands were down, the battle went the enemy’s way. What an example this is for us! If we will learn to lift our hands in worship to God, even in our defeated places, our banner, Jehovah Nissi will go to work on our behalf and the tide of the battle will turn from defeat to victory.

It’s also important to note that it’s not easy to lift up that banner alone. Sometimes we need the help and support of others to “lift up our hands” when we are in a battle and feeling defeated. Moses found victory…only with the help of others! As I explained earlier one of the words for banner is the word standard. In the Hebrew it is the word (noos) and it means to deliver or to put to flight. Read and study Psalm 60:4 and Isaiah 59:19

Jehovah Nissi is our Deliverer who puts the enemy to flight. He that has delivered in the past still delivers today!  Will you believe God for your victory today?

Jehovah Shalom 

Judges 6:24…(read Judges 6 today), Jehovah Shalom. The Lord is Peace! He doesn’t just give peace…He is our peace! Peace…(eirene)…peace, rest in contrast to strife, denoting an absence or end of strife. It speaks about a state of untroubled, undisturbed well-being. Peace of mind is a real problem today. Many people don’t have the peace of God that brings wholeness and soundness of mind, they depend on medications, counselors and psychiatrists in an attempt to get the peace that only Jesus can give them…and with Jesus it’s free.

Jehovah Shalom appears on the scene because the children of Israel were living in a constant state of fear. (sound familiar) The Midianites, a once defeated enemy, had reemerged and begun plundering Israel. Gideon was concerned about the assignment that the Lord had given him. He felt overwhelmed, worried, stressed out and under qualified. Fear set in!  The angel of the Lord spoke to him, “peace be unto you, fear not.” When Gideon realized he had heard from the Lord he built an altar of worship and called it Jehovah-Shalom…a tribute and reminder of the Lord’s provision and promise of peace.

Jehovah-Shalom comes from the root word Shalam…which means to be whole, to be sound, to be safe. It means to live in harmony with God, to make secure or to be peaceful. It also means to be friendly or make a friend. The principal meaning of Shalam is completion and fulfillment. It is the desirable state of wholeness in which relationships are restored. Another word that comes from Shalam and is Shalom. Shalom means health, security, tranquility and welfare. It also means well, whole, secure, safe, peaceful and happy. Man do we need that today!

Shalom is a satisfied condition and an unconcerned state of peace. It implies a sense of well-being and is a harmonious state of mind and soul both internally and externally. Shalom implies the absence of strife but is so much more as it expresses completeness, harmony and wholeness.

Even in this season of pandemic, isolation and fear we can have peace. Not peace as the world gives but the kind of peace that only Jehovah Shalom can give. After all, Isaiah 9:6… reminds us that He is the Prince of Peace! He doesn’t just bring peace…He is peace…He is our peace and can be counted on to meet the greatest need in man…peace with God and peace with self. Romans 15:33…Now the God of Peace be with you all…Amen!

Jehovah Tsidkenu

Jeremiah 23:5,6 and Jeremiah 33:16…Jehovah Tsidkenu…the Lord our Righteousness is not one of the Jehovah names that we hear much about but it is a name that is very important to us.

When this prophesy was released; Israel was in a spiritually dark place.  In that place God used this word as a sign to Israel to show them that even in the dark times their righteousness was not about them but that He, God, was about to raise up a righteous king and He would be called the Lord Our Righteousness.  He gave them a word of hope!

Righteousness is a character trait and attribute of God. It is defined as the quality of being right or just.  Isaiah 64:6 – reminds us that our righteousness is as filthy rags.  But, Isaiah 61:10 – reminds us that we have been clothed with the garments of salvation and covered by His robe of righteousness. It is not possible for us to say that we have any righteousness apart from God! Without Jehovah Tsidkenu we remain lost in our own unrighteousness. Thank God that is not the case and we don’t have to remain in that place!

The understanding of this name is so critically important to us. The enemy is always reminding us of our sin, faults and shortcomings and our tendency is to agree with the enemy and beat ourselves up over the sin or mistake we made.  Has that ever happened to you or am I the only one?  No matter how hard we try there is nothing we can do to become righteous. Our righteousness is totally and completely dependent on God.  We are righteous because of Jesus and when we fully understand that it will change our lives forever. We will walk in a freedom that few really experience. We must stop agreeing with our enemy, stop condemning ourselves, stop beating ourselves up with guilt and shame over our past mistakes and come into agreement with God and what He says about us.

We are partakers of His divine nature!  He is our Righteousness!  He has taken our sin and in exchange given to us His Righteousness; therefore we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!  Will you accept the truth that you are the righteousness of God today?

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