August 2021

08-22-2021-Miracles With A Message PT2

“08-22-2021-Miracles With A Message PT2”.

Miracles With A Message

“08-15-2021-Miracles With A Message”.

Manifested Pt3

“Manifested pt 3 8-8-2021” by Emelio Sebastian.

Manifested Pt2

“08-01-2021-Manifested Pt2”.

July 2021


“Manifesting 7-25-2021” by Emelio Sebastian.

07-04-2021-Freedom From Religion

“07-04-2021-Freedom From Religion”.

June 2021

06-27-2021-Controlling the Narrative

“06-27-2021-Controlling the Narrative”.

The Father’s Heart

“06-20-2021 The Father’s Heart”.

Close Encounters Of A God Kind

“06-13-2021-Close Encounters Of A God Kind”.

May 2021

An Encounter With God

“05-30-2021-An Encounter With God”.