January 2021

Unlocking the Blessings of God

“01-03-2021-Unlocking theBlessings of God”.

December 2020

In Hot Pursuit

“In hot pursuit” by pastor Emelio. Released: 2020.

Delivering The News Pt 2

“12-20-2020-Delivering The News Pt 2”.

Delivering The News

“12-13-2020-Delivering The News”.

The News You Can Use

November 2020

Seeing From Heavenly Places

“11-29-2020-Seeing From Heavenly Places”. Released: 2020.

Staying The Course

Praise & Worship-The Key to Your Victory

“20201101_Praise & Worship Is The Key to Your Victory”.

October 2020

Pressing Through To Your Promise2

“10-18-20-Pressing Through To Your Promise2”. Released: 10.

Pressing Through to Your Promise

“10-11-20-Pressing Through to Your Promise”.