October 2020

Pressing Through To Your Promise2

“10-18-20-Pressing Through To Your Promise2”. Released: 10.

Pressing Through to Your Promise

“10-11-20-Pressing Through to Your Promise”.

Heart to Heart

“heart to heart” by pastor emelio. Released: 2020. Track 10,042,020.

September 2020

Coincidence? I Don’t Think So

“09-27-2020-Coincidence- I Dont Think So” by Emelio.

The Power of Attitude

“power of attitude” by Pastor emelio. Released: 2020.

Today Is a New Day


August 2020

Battle Stations

“battle stations” by pastor emelio. Released: 2020.

Wisdom Our Right Response


Contending at the Gate For Your Future

“08-16-2020_Contending at the gate for your future”.

Victory in Jesus Part 2

“victory in jesus part 2” by pastor emelio.